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Episode #18 The Walking Dead Is Back… And we are Distracted as EVER!


Hey Now! How R U? Good? Great!! Did you see The Walking Dead??? OMG!! I know- right? Man-o-Man! Unbelievable… And that one part… Wow – didn’t see that coming… And what was she thinking? This pretty much summed up how we TRIED to cover the season opener of TWD. And just so you know, Sarah and I have been officially named Central Ohio’s #1 Walking Dead Podcast Celebrity Personalities, (Ahem, by us – LOL!) We never had some many distractions in our sessions, then we did tonight. We had Squirrels, Chipmunks, Rabbits, and I believe a Monarch Butterfly to stop by! Any who – we hope you enjoy the show. Oh, and Sarah won the bet… She picked Abraham. Let’s give her a clap (((CLAP!)))

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