The Hey Now Show!

Meet Sarah… again! Episode #14


Guess who’s back?!? None other than the incredibly talented, Vivacious Opinionated Infectious Person (VOIP – you have to work in our building to know what the VOIP is), PodCast’s 1-Hit Wonder, and-AND the Co-Host to the #1 PodCast show in the MidWest… Sarah VOIP!!! After she laughed at me on the last episode, the Producer (me), felt that she violated the “HEY NOW!” code. I want to personally thank all those who were interested in Sarah V’s vacancy that did NOT contact me, at all, but still showed an interest… Thank You! I’ve come to realize, Sarah is irreplaceable… Welcome back!

In this Episode we discuss our favorite Actors & some Movie reviews, with a whole lot of squirrel interruptions, and some hilarious, unscripted, no nonsense opinions, banter & commentary! I hope you enjoy the show, we always do! Thanks for listening!

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